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After 25 years of building homes in and around Arcata it is time to step back and let the younger carpenters take over. A construction company needs the energy of youth. These days when I see a building going up I no longer wonder why I didn’t get the job. I am glad I didn’t get the job!

My plan now is to specialize in design, project management, and consulting on smaller jobs. I am good at coming up with ideas for re-modeling projects, and pricing them realistically. I continue to do carpentry myself, which is good since I am the only carpenter left at Small World Construction! I will hang a new door, build a cabinet, install windows and trim, or take on other lighter construction tasks as required by the job. I maintain my contacts with the many subcontractors with whom I have had a long, mutually beneficial relationship over the years. Small World Construction is the same building company as ever, just lighter.

As owner, I a proud of the work my company has done in this community, and I thank all my customers for your support. I remain at the same location, answer my calls daily, and will try to help you with your construction needs. I describe my situation as “almost retired.” That means my contractor’s license remains valid, my truck is parked outside and ready to go, and my tool belt is handy. 

Dan Duncan

Dan Duncan 2009

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